Chicken thighs boneless   per lb.



1 x $5 = 1lb, 2 x $5= 2lb, 3 x $5 = 3lb etc etc.


Deposits on MEATS and weighted VEG


"......As we get brand new cuts of meat from our local farmers regularly, it's hard for us to know how big the cuts will be. Because of this we ask our customers to put down a $5 deposit per lb on the meat they require. This also occurs with large vegetables like Butternut Squash, each week the sizes vary. Once we have recieved all of our orders, we will contact any customers that have paid a "deposit" to confirm the exact weight and cost of their order before delivery."


MJM Organics will provide a full invoice with actual 'price per lb' before delivery

Chicken - Thighs boneless skinless each 1 lb